INSPIRATION at a glance

Towards a strategic research agenda on soil, land-use and land management in Europe.


Land is a limited resource. There are different – synergistic or competing – options how land can be used. Any use does impact our soil, sediment and water system to which the land is linked. A good understanding of these complex linkages is essential in order to steward land to a more sustainable future for Europe’s citizens and its global partners. Research contributes to facilitate sustainable land management and support evidence based policy making.


INSPIRATION is a coordination and support action funded by the European Commission in order to develop a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for Europe on soil, land use and land management.

Demand driven approach

INSPIRATION adopts a bottom-up approach. We are aiming for an research agenda that is accepted by all societal groups in the EU member states. Therefore, groups are represented by national key stakeholders (NKS) coming from funders (public and private), knowledge producers, end users of research and NGO’s in the participating INSPIRATION countries. Our work plan is based on the collation of land-use and soil related research demands from the perspectives of these stakeholders.


The INSPIRATION goals are in particular to:

  • Collate national research demands based on key stakeholder interviews, workshops and desk-work.
  • Establish critical knowledge gaps between the societal challenges for sustainable land-use and the current knowledge on land management and net impact of land-use.
  • Synthesize current state of research demands.
  • Formulate, consult on and revise a strategic research agenda (SRA) to fill unvocered gaps.
  • Scope out models for funding and implementing the SRA.
  • Convene and consult with groups of policy makers, research funders, end users and knowledge creators/ disseminators from both within the EU and beyond.


Save the date and register for Webinars on INSPIRATION SRA and its implementation



Prof. Dr. Paul Nathanail from University of Nottingham and Dr. Stephan Bartke from German Environment Agency will host two free webinars,

  1. Details about the INSPIRATION Strategic Research Agenda (SRA)  to register


  1. Means to get involved in funding and implementing actively the SRA topics of key importance for funders to register

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