Land management

Under this theme future challenges in R&I will be elaborated with special emphasis on land management (4D).

Land management focuses on the integrated use of sectorial and spatial instruments on sustainable land use in rural and urban areas. Topics could for instance be:

  • Criteria for a (region-specific) prioritization of agricultural (and forest) sites contributing to a sustainable planning and decision support of land;
  • Economic drivers in land use: an intra EU-comparison;
  • Creating land suitability and management systems types according to their resource input/output;
  • Spatial land management to fulfil biomass provision and ecosystem services;
  • Land management and improved spatial material/water flow management;
  • Diverse food production and raw material production systems;
  • Crop rotation and optimization of resources use (nutrients, water);
  • Chances and risks of genetically modified organisms (GMO) in future land management (criteria);
  • Potentials for urban farming systems (vegetables, fruits);
  • Land management adaptation to climate change;
  • Strategies to minimize land sealing.

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