Resources demand

Under this theme future challenges in R&I will be elaborated with special emphasis on resource demands in rural and urban areas.

It will amongst others focus on the use and provision of soils, land, water, nutrients, energy and organisms (useful plants and productive livestock) as future key resources for providing ecosystem services. Topics could for instance include:

  • Potential of agricultural land (EU, global) with special emphasis of the 4 F´s (Food, Feed, Fibre, Fuel);
  • Material flow management / re-cycling of nutrients from residues and wastes;
  • Definition of "efficiency" and possible dilemma between land use (rights)/ soil use (production);
  • Land footprint and consumption in a life- cycle perspective;
  • Water demand and water use efficiency in land use;
  • Innovative approaches for reclamation and re-valorisation of degraded sites;
  • Soil and soil services regeneration;
  • Functional biodiversity in used ecosystems.

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