Scientific publications (peer-reviewed):


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Articles in non peer review publications:

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Presentations/posters at conferences:

Boekhold S., L. Maring, M. Blauw (2018), INSPIRATION – a Strategic Research Agenda on Soil, Land-Use and Land Management in Europe, TerraEnvision, Barcelona, February 2018. See the presentation


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Gatchett A., D. Darmendrail, D. Grimski and S. Bartke (2016), INSPIRATION – A Strategic Approach to Promote Research Needs on Soil, Land-Use and Land Management Internationally, at Central Eastern European Conference on Health and the Environment Prague, April 2016. See the presentation


Maring L., M. de Cleen, BoekholdS (2015), Get inspired – help share the European Strategic Research Agenda on soil, land use and land management, Wageningen soil conference, Wageningen, The Netherlans, August 2015. See the summary.

Presentations of INSPIRATION at workshop:

Bartke, S. (2016), “INSPIRATION – Towards a Strategic Research Agenda on Soil, Land-Use and Land Management in Europe, at EEA Scientific Committee seminar “Land as a resource: raising awareness and building the knowledge base for European Assessments”, Copenhagen, Denmark, 5 October 2016. See the presentation and See the recorded version


Bartke, S. (2016),  “INSPIRATION – Towards a Strategic Research Agenda on Soil, Land-Use and Land Management in Europe”, at Joint EIONET meeting NRC Land Use and Spatial Planning & NRC Soil, Copenhagen, Denmark, 4 October 2016. http://planner.eionet.europa.eu/WorkPlan_2016/PRJ9947918552/index_html


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Bartke, S. (2016), “INSPIRATION”, at Workshop on MAES Soil Ecosystem Services, Gent, BE, 2-3June 2016, learn  more


Bartke, S. (2016), “Zwischenergebnisse des EU-Projektes INSPIRATION at ITVA “Fachausschusssitzung C5.3”, Dresden, DE, March 2016, DE


Two webinars have been organised in february 2018:

Nathanail P. ,Bartke S. (2018) details about the INSIRATION Strategic Research agenda, listen

Bartke S. , Nathanail P. (2018) means to get involved in funding and implementing the SRA, listen


Special session

Bartke S. , P. Nathanail, L. Maring, S. Boekhold, U. Ferber, F. Makeschin, V. Guerin, D. Grimski (2017) Special sessions INSPIRATION – Linking Europeans’ Strategic Research Agenda on Spatial Planning and Land Use Management with AquaConSoil themes, Aquaconsoil 2017, 29 June 2017, Lyon, France. See the scope of the session


Final conference

INSPIRATION Final Conference and World Soil Day celebration 4-6 Dec. 2017, Brussels, This event is organised by the EU H2020 CSA INSPIRATION - www.inspiration-h2020.eu in collaboration with the DG Environment service contract Soils4EU.

See all the presentations made


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