National Activities

INSPIRATION is collating research demands from key stakeholders in different European Member States.

National Research Demands

The INSPIRATION project is excited to report that with the report "National reports with a review and synthesis of the collated information" the final step of our Work Package (WP) 2 has been achieved. This WP marked the bottom-up collation of information in more than 17 European countries on research demands on soil, land-use and land management as well as on science-policy-interface and funding options. In total, about 500 stakeholders have been engaged with during the last year to achieve this outcome, which will now be synthesized in the next WP in order to identify the items for a strategic research agenda.

Under lead of the National Contact Points (NFPs), in each country a selected group of National Key Stakeholders (NKS) have been contacted and interviewed in order to collate the information needed for being able to achieve the objectives of WP2. These selected groups of NKS (approx. 20 per country) represent for each country a balanced distribution of stakeholders deriving from the research funding and industry/business communities (including SMEs), the scientific, consultancy, policy-making, management arena as well as NGOs. Thus, it is a mix of knowledge ‘producers’, ‘consumers/end-users’ and ‘funders’.

In total:

--> 374 individual NKS were interviewed, and

--> 468 individuals participated in the national workshops.


The information collated in this report feeds into WP3 “Transnational commons aggregated under integrated themes”. According to the INSPIRATION DoA, the main objectives of WP3 will be to:

1. Achieve an overview of the transnational shared demands and experiences grouped under common themes based on the national state-of-the-art reports as produced by WP2, 2. Prioritise and elaborate the topics that could be included in the SRA (to be developed by WP4) under specific themes, 3. Elucidate the opportunity to match (to be done under WP4) individual stakeholders (as funders) to specific SRA topics that could be shared transnationally."

Dernière mise à jour le 27.07.2016