Natural capital

Under this theme future challenges in R&I will be elaborated with special emphasis on natural capital stewardship (4D).

It deals with natural capital is an economic metaphor for the limited stocks of physical and biological resources. Topics could for instance be:

  • Sustainable use of available agricultural and urban land; “Health” of soils considered as a common good and ensuring functions of common interest;
  • Landscape, land use and tourism: Challenges for sustainable travel and tourism;
  • Stress applied by infrastructure (housing, roads, railways, sealing etc.);
  • Conservation and natural protected areas: sustainability and “good economics”;
  • Establish a spatially integrated view of ecosystem services;
  • Develop frameworks for identifying and monitoring natural capital;
  • Parameterize factors affecting ecosystem services and their resistance and resilience;
  • Characterize the synergies and trade-offs between ecosystem services in different management and policy scenarios.

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