Net impacts

Under this theme future challenges in R&I will be elaborated with special emphasis on net impact on global, EU and local scale.


The understanding of the net impacts of land use on different scales is inevitable for a sustainable land use in rural as well in urban areas. Topics could for instance be:

  • Assessment of all "values" provided by land-consideration of ecosystem services in decision-making on land management, particularly those that are not traded in markets - by means of economic valuation (following up on TEEB);
  • Appropriate valuation techniques for (economic) analysis for elaborating incentives for fair value sharing between all stakeholders;
  • Framework to describe the usefulness and applicability of a range of valuation techniques to be applied to value provisioning, regulating and cultural ecosystem services of land;
  • Analysis of different governance instruments (e.g. business models, community instruments, e.g. local smallholder agriculture) in (agricultural) land management;
  • Analysis and evaluation of individual soil functions, ecosystem services and land use patterns to feed into an integrated assessment of different policy options.

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