WP1: Project Management


The main objective of WP1 is the overall management of the project.

Description of work

Task 1.1: Project management

The main contractor of INSPIRATION, the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) of Germany, will as coordinator, be responsible for administration and coordination, including:

  • Being the liaison between the consortium and the European Commission
  • Contract and financial administration (including contract negotiation, preparation of the Description of Work (DoW) and preparation of consortium agreement)
  • Compilation/preparation of progress (periodic) reports
  • Collecting, integrating and submitting the project deliverables.
  • Supporting of the Core Group
  • Provision of an organisational platform to ensure the smooth and streamlined information flow within the consortium to ensure an effective international teamwork and an effective conduct of the entire INSPIRATION project.

Task 1.2: Final conference

Under this task WP1 will organize INSPIRATION’s final conference that will bring together all contributors and identified stakeholders (national, theme and EU policy-oriented workshops). It is aimed to organize this event in Brussels. All outcomes of INSPIRATION will be presented and promoted, in particular the SRA and the funding options. ‘Speed-dating’ events will be held to help attendees get to know each other with a view to forming long lasting collaboration in implementing the SRA. This conference will also provide the opportunity for a final verification for the WP4 deliverables. It thus provides the opportunity and for addition of essentially missed SRA topics and missed matches to funders of specific SRA topics.

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