WP2: Demands of research from industry, end-users and funders (State-of- the-art at national levels)


The main objective of this WP was for each of the 16 European countries addressed collate, review and synthesize:

  1. Demand-driven* suggestions for the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), i.e. suggestions from the perspective of industry, end-users and funders;
  2. Experiences regarding the exploitation of scientific knowledge to improve business opportunities and/or tackle other societal challenges.
  3. Predominantly used as well as promising alternative funding schemes / mechanisms / programs for knowledge production and dissemination.
  4. Experiences regarding the use of any trans-national, common budget for scientific knowledge production related to the scope of INSPIRATION.

*Demand-driven in INSPIRATION means focussing on the demands of those who are responsible or feel committed to tackle the societal challenges related to the INPIRATION scope and themes, i.e. industry, end-users and funders. These parties could improve their business opportunities and/or take better informed decisions on what measures to take and execute in order to tackle other societal challenges if they would (be enabled to) use the knowledge as resulting from execution of the INSPIRATION SRA.

Description of work

Task 2.1: Kick off with National Focal Points (NFPs)

Task 2.2: Registry of National Key Stakeholders

Task 2.3.: Prepare a harmonized template for information collation

Task 2.4.: Collate information at national levels

Task 2.5.: Review and synthesise the collated information.

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