WP4: Developing, Delivering and Match-Making of a Strategic Research Agenda


The objectives of WP4 were:

  • to develop a Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) for activities on soil, land-use and land management;
  • to explore and where feasible establish a match between the SRA and national funders potentially willing to fund collaboratively a specific part of the SRA;
  • to map out funding models for delivering the SRA – including ERA-Nets, public-private co financing, bilateral MS2MS, charitable and crowd-source funding.


Description of work

Task 4.1: Scoping the SRA

Task 4.2: Extract the Strategic Research Agenda

Task 4.3: Bilateral matchmaking with national funding institutions

Task 4.4: Propose implementation models for delivering the SRA



The draft, key-output of WP4 was presented to the IAB.

It was also presented in the final conference organized by WP1 in month 34. It thus provided the opportunity  for addition of essentially missed SRA topics and missed matches to funders of specific SRA topics.

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