WP5: International Dissemination and Communication


The main objectives of this work-package were to:

  • Disseminate project results to the relevant societal and policy stakeholder groups and scientific communities in Europe and beyond,
  • Ensure that INSPIRATION will also meet the needs of stakeholders who are not directly participating in INSPIRATION, especially policy related parties and funding institutions
  • Provide overall quality assurance for INSPIRATION
  • Set up and maintain the project website Promote the final products of INSPIRATION and motivate the different stakeholder communities to uptake the deliverables, especially developed within work-package 4.

Description of work

The future challenges in which land resources in its broad context including soil and subsurface, water resources and sediments, etc. are taking part are numerous and affecting different decision-making scales. They are ranging from the local scale – site ownership to more regional scale – land planning, management of water resources, to a global one – climate change impacts / adaptation and mitigation. As this broad context of soil, land use and land management affects a number of local, regional, national, European and global policy issues communication and dissemination of the INSPIRATION work is one of the core activities to achieve maximum impact and commitment to the developed SRA. Work-package 5 conducted  two policy workshops to stimulate discussion and achieve common views among the stakeholder groups. A further tool for quality assurance and impact optimization was the establishment of an International Advisory board (IAB). The IAB represented a number of policy lines at the local, regional national and global level.

Task 5.1 International Advisory Board (IAB)

Task 5.2.: Policy-oriented workshop with policy makers and impacted stakeholders at an early stage

Task 5.3.: Setting up policy oriented workshop towards the end for contribution to the SRA

Task 5.4: Dissemination of SRA and the proposed implementation models

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